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Ten enterprise mobility statistics that may surprise you

Source “Fliplet”: http://fliplet.com/blog/

By: Tamara, 2016

Enterprise mobility is the hot topic of the moment. Businesses are starting to really understand the potential for all those mobile devices they have been supplying their employees with over the last couple of years and how they can have a positive impact on the business in terms of increased productivity, enhanced communication and improved efficiency.

With this in mind we’ve put together an infographic of the ten enterprise mobility statistics that are essential to know as you start putting together your enterprise app strategy demonstrating exactly how apps can help your team, department or business. For example did you know that apps increase worker productivity by 240 hours a year? That 53% of workers say that apps help them do their job better? Read on to find out more…

ten amazing enterprise mobility statistics

Source “Fliplet”: http://fliplet.com/blog/enterprise-mobility-statistics-infographic/

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