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How Japan’s Music-playing, Water-spraying TOTO Toilets Took Over the World

[avatar user=”floatee” size=”1″” align=”left” /] E-E says: Today’s post shows that IoT touches every part of us. EVERY part of us. The innovation of TOTO toilets is inspiring because it reaches so many goals. The user experience of “going potty” is shared by everyone and to many, it is a UX of high priority. TOTO knows this and the ease and comfort for the, um, end user, (sorry) is of critical importance. They also use new technologies effectively and make sustainability a priority by decreasing the amount of water needed for every flush. This makes you want one doesn’t it?

Source: Amanda Sealy, cnn.com, December 5, 2017

I will always remember the first time I walked into a Tokyo bathroom and, with the automatic lift of its lid, a Japanese “smart toilet” happily greeted me. It didn’t end there.
Mounted to the wall was a panel of buttons, illustrated by stick men and symbols open to wild interpretation. It transpired that they controlled functions such as toilet seat heating, the water pressure level of the electronic bidet, and music to cover, er, embarrassing noises. I had just one question: Which one was for the flush?

02 TOTO toilets photos

Japan is now so notorious for its complicated “smart toilets” that earlier this year the Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association standardized the pictograms on such controls to prevent foreign visitors, in particular, being accidentally squirted in the face when groping for the flush.
So how did Japan become the world’s most sophisticated innovator in lavatories? It’s all down to one company: TOTO, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.
03 Extra TOTO toilets


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