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IoT Trends to Watch for in 2019

Anyone following Internet of Things news has undoubtedly noticed a shift in headlines: The world where everything computes is here

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However, the IoT is not a static force, and developers and users are constantly finding news ways to exploit the simple yet powerful concept of connected everything. In 2019, the industry should expect emerging trends to help set the trajectory of the IoT for years or even decades to come. Here are a few to keep an eye on next year.


We often get caught up in the excitement of new technology, and low levels of regulation across the tech field mean it’s easy to focus almost exclusively on innovation. The IoT, however, has posed a number of concerns, and 2019 will likely see various legislatures and regulatory entities start proposing and enforcing new regulations. In particular, vendors and users should be mindful of regulations dealing with user data collection, retention, and security. Most IoT users simply collect as much data as possible, as it’s difficult to predict which types of data can provide useful information in the future. Due to a perceived state of poor security, however, storing sensitive user data will likely be more tightly regulated over time. The perceived success or failure of the GDPR is likely to influence how regulations affect the IoT in the near future. Regulations coming to the IoT would create a lucrative business opportunity: Compliance management and consulting.

Tighter Security

As IoT device and infrastructure prices continue to fall from their already low costs, companies are likely to place even more value on security. In 2018, high-profile data breaches led to a seemingly endless procession of headlines, and it’s becoming even more clear to companies that security, by and large, demands more investment than most companies have been spending. Better software patching will likely become a key component of IoT offerings throughout 2019, especially if regulations pertaining to security seem to be on the horizon. Hardware-level security might start taking hold as well, particularly for applications dealing with especially sensitive data. Ensuring only trusted operating systems or applications are executed through the hardware itself can help mitigate the spread of botnets and other threats. The preference for open hardware and software for the IoT, however, might slow this trend, placing an even greater emphasis on operating system-level security. However, companies may start offering more security-focused IoT devices tailored toward specific industries, including healthcare and surveillance.

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