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Published on January 25th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Smartphone Design is About to Change

Emergent Insight:

It’s time. Smartphone design is going to change to meet the needs of users: no wires, frictionless interactivity and hands-free usage. Jesus Diaz of fastcompany.com brings a report of what is to come at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25. Businesses will take advantage of this innovation to reach employees and customers with high velocity, on demand content.

Original article:

Smartphone design has changed little in recent years. Sure, phones have gotten bigger and thinner, but they’ve maintained the soap box form factor that Steve Jobs and his cronies popularized more than a decade ago. That may be about to change.

After years of phone sales stagnating, manufacturers are starting to experiment with new design elements, user experiences, and even new phone shapes. This experimentation got underway at the end of 2018 and is about to bloom in full force on February 25, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Imagine a phone that has no visible holes, no USB-C ports, no stereo minijack, no buttons, no SIM tray, no speaker grilles. A phone that feels like a solid slab of glass that magically lights up.

In theory it seems like an impossible sci-fi feat: How do you operate something completely devoid of buttons? How do you connect to the cell-phone network without a SIM?

Well, that’s exactly what two manufacturers have just pre-announced this week in preparation for MWC: the Vivo Apex 2019and the Meizu Zero.

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