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Published on January 11th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The Three Biggest Trends at CES 2019

Emergent Insight:

A report from CES 2019 from Mark Wilson of fastcompany.com shares some interesting insights. It is especially telling that there still isn’t much substantive usage of virtual assistants with the public unless you think getting the weather report or playing music is essential. Who will step up and design the critical use cases for daily voice assistants? Keep watching… and listening.

Original article:

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is like a ouija board that forecasts the year in technology to come. It’s a captivating–and yet rarely perfect–forecast of our future. After all, neither the iPod, nor iPhone, were announced at CES.

At the same time, the Las Vegas tech show tends to offer a telling snapshot of the industry itself, as every major hardware manufacturer comes together to share news in one place. This year was a particularly quiet show in terms of individual announcements, but it still demonstrated where the tech industry thinks it’s going over the next year. Here’s what we noticed.

[Image: Amazon, Google]


Google and Amazon continued duking it out for title of most virtual assistants listening to the most people on the most devices. It’s been a multi-year battle, once led by Amazon, quickly matched by Google, and now escalating between these two companies like a new cold war.

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