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Published on January 21st, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The Weather Channel Continues Its Embrace Of Mixed Reality Technology

Emergent Insight:

Once again the Weather Channel is making weather reporting more compelling by adding immersive technology as reported by Kyle Melnick of vrscout.com. These Weather Channel reports are prime examples of how these types of emergent technologies take content that is considered critical but uninteresting and make it come to life. The educational safety information hits home when it jumps from the screen.

Original Article:

TWC releases another educational MR demonstration ahead of Storm Harper.

When The Weather Channel debuted its IMR technology back in June of 2018, the organization introduced the industry to a brand new form of educational broadcasting.

Working with mixed reality specialists, The Future Group, TWC immersed its on-air reporters into an intense MR simulation highlighting the devastating effects of a 200 mph tornado. The video begins like any other conventional presentation with our host explaining the the science behind its destructive power in front of a 2D monitor; that is until a photorealistic utility pole comes crashing into the actual studio, leaving active power lines still surging with electricity tangled at the foot of the presenter. Within minutes the entire studio is reduced to rubble – an accurate representation of the potential aftermath of such dangerous weather conditions.

This was just one example in which The Weather Channel has employed the use of immersive technology, specifically “Mixed Reality,” to better show how ruthless Mother Nature can be. Since its initial launch in June, TWC’s IMR technology has been used in several mixed reality presentations, highlighting everything from torrential flooding caused by a category 2 hurricane, to an out-of-control wildfire capable of destroying a football field worth of forest every second.

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