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Published on January 18th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


This AI Generates Images of Food Just by Reading the Recipe

Emergent Insight:

In this report from Jesus Diaz at fastcompany.com we see artificial intelligence make a big step. This AI reads text and follows directions to produce the desired result like a recipe. You can easily see enterprise applications as many processes use checklists to complete tasks. A robot with this AI could take on the checklists and get the job done.

Image: Brooke Lark, unsplash.com

Original article:

Screw AI that makes fake humans look real, learns every language on earthand predicts crimes–AI will only really arrive when it is capable of generating an entire foodie porn Instagram channel by itself, by reading recipes that tell it how to make food in the real world.

Until now, text-to-image artificial intelligence produced synthetic images by looking at visually descriptive phrases like “this pink and yellow flower has a beautiful yellow center with many stamens” or, “a small bird with black eye, black head, and dark bill.” Microsoft has such technology that is so good, it could theoretically replace Google Images’ results with photorealistic fakes.

Image: Ori Bar El, Ori Licht, Netanel Yosephian


But the new AI algorithms developed by computer scientists Ori Bar El, Ori Licht, and Netanel Yosephian at Tel Aviv University don’t require you to visually describe anything: It can generate fake photos of food from text recipes that list the ingredients and the method of preparation but don’t contain any visual description of how the final plate looks. The AI wasn’t allowed to read the title of the recipe to generate the image, as it may be descriptive enough on its own. It exclusively used the ingredients and the instructions.

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