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Published on January 16th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Why 2019 Was The Best Year For AR And VR At CES

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Although the big brands get most of the attention in AR & VR this CES overview from Charlie Fink at forbes.com shows that lots of innovation is going on in this space whether it be for consumers or business. It won’t be long before remote assistance using AR smart glasses will be commonplace and as VR becomes more accessible and affordable it will follow with solid use cases.

Original article:

If there is strength in numbers, AR continues to climb to prominence at CES. The buzz around audio assistants (Alexa, Google, Samsung’s Bixby) continued. Google was predictably everywhere you looked on the Strip. I heard a lot about connected home and IoT. 5G and AI came up a lot in keynotes. Something big is going on, but it’s not manifested in products yet. There were only a couple supposedly 5G compatible handsets, and they looked like regular smartphones. The handset that really caught my attention was the foldable screen from Royole (a US-based Chinese company).

Hey Google, dominate the Las Vegas strip for me. CHARLIE FINK

CES is too huge. I tried to do all things AR and VR at the show, but it just was not possible. Here’s my CES, mostly in pictures, and mostly focused on XR.

With North co-founder Arron Grant. We’re both wearing Focals by North.CHARLIE FINK

Focals by North was much talked about and their booth was mobbed. I had a chance to sit down with co-founder Aaron Grant, and give Focals a try. The system projects simple things like text messages and directions. It’s fashionable, light, and can be fitted with prescription lenses in one of their two stores in Brooklyn and Toronto.

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The Vuzix booth was mobbed all week. CHARLIE FINK

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