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Published on February 22nd, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Create New People That Don’t Exist with AI

Emergent Insight:

We are fueling AI somewhere with every click, touch and swipe. Mark Wilson at Fast Company points us to a website that allows you to generate a photograph of a person of your description – all AI constructed. This is a simple glance on how AI works. It combs through massive volumes of data to produce the highest probability result. See what, or who, you can make today.

Original Article:

Here’s what happens when the world’s most advanced face-generating AI is plugged into an easy-to-use website

[Images: generated by thispersondoesnotexist.com]

A woman in her mid 20s: Looks like she’s been to Coachella twice. Has disarming brown eyes that stare into my soul. A programmer in his early 20s: Bowl cut. Could use a better shave. Seems like a creep. A social services director around 50 with red hair and ’50s sunglasses: I suspect she loves to read and knit. A stay-at-home mom, around 30: Bleach blonde hair and refreshingly coffee stained teeth. Probably loves Trump.

I have created all of these people out of nothingness. Each soul took a mere two seconds to appear in front of me. And all I had to do was hit my browser’s refresh button. I am a god, and you can be one, too.

[Image: generated by thispersondoesnotexist.com]

I’m on the website This Person Does Not Exist, created by Silicon Valley software engineer Phillip Wang. Each time you visit it, the site generates a unique face–a head-on photo of a human dreamed up by computer code. There is no explanation. No FAQ. No viral branding scheme. It’s just a face that has never existed before that moment. And when you refresh, another. The faces will just keep coming into infinity.

“Someone even found Trump in there,” Wang tells me over email. Terrifying!

Wang didn’t create this AI tool himself. He actually set up the site by importing the publicly available system StyleGAN, created by the graphics chip company Nvidia.

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