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Published on February 19th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Disney’s First VR Film ‘Cycles’ Is A Heartfelt Emotional Roller Coaster

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How do you present a linear story in a non-linear environment like VR? We turn to Disney says Kyle Melnick in this post at VR Scout who shares the new VR film, “Cycles” from the world famous animators. There are innovative approaches to UX, storytelling and VR navigation presented here that are easily translatable even to business applications. The bad news for right now is that the film is only available at film festivals. 

Original Article:

Disney Animations first attempt at virtual storytelling is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

When Disney revealed their plans to develop an animated short story designed specifically for virtual reality, no one knew what to expect. On one hand you have VR, a growing medium that has still yet to find its place in the world of filmmaking; and on the other you have Walt Disney Animation Studios, one of the most celebrated animation studios in the industry thanks to an endless string of hits, including Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Zootopia, Lilo & Stitch, Tangled, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Lion King, and countless others.

Put simply, if there’s any studio capable of tapping into the winning formula behind virtual reality storytelling, it’s Disney; and based off the initial reactions to their latest project, Cycles, the studio is off to an excellent start.

Image Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Helmed by first-time director Jeff Gipson, who has previously served as a lighting director for Disney on such hits as Frozen, Zootopia, and Ralph Breaks the Internet, Cycles is Disney’s first foray into the world of immersive filmmaking; although you couldn’t tell by looking. Marrying cutting-edge 6DoF VR technology with Disney’s classic art style, Cycles delivers a unique VR passive experience that blurs the line between modern and classic animation.

Inspired by Gipson’s childhood spending time with his grandparent in their home before having to move them to an assisted living environment, Cycles centers around the trials and tribulations of a loving family over the course of 50 years, all from the perspective of the home itself. You watch as the painfully relatable family goes about their day-today throughout the warm domicile, experiencing their captivating story and learning more about their complex lives.

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