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Published on February 20th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The VR Revolution is Already Here — and it Isn’t Gaming

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The business world is certainly finding out VR has many applicable use cases. As Tristan Greene reports at thenextweb.com it is business adoption that is fueling the virtual reality growth. Companies are finding that VR can replace real environments for training and other purposes and perhaps even save money with the new process. It’s no surprise that business is adapting to VR as they need to find ways to support employees that are quicker, safer and more economical.

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Reports of the death of virtual reality are greatly exaggerated. In fact, far from dying, the VR industry is poised for explosive growth in the near-term according to analysts.

Modern VR headsets arrived less than three years ago. But to hear pundits talk, you’d think the technology’s already reached its developmental zenith. Upon closer inspection, it turns out these people are usually referring to VR as a gaming platform. Condemning VR, on that basis, is like saying the robotics industry is a failure because giant robot fighting has yet to take off. We’re still hopeful.

Games are great; but VR is much, much more than the technological evolution of Pong.

VR as a platform

As VR-pessimists are quick to point out, however, the current generation of VR gaming hardware is little better than a novelty when compared to dedicated consoles and PCs. So why are the two biggest players in the VR industry – HTC and Oculus – seemingly unilaterally fixated on the gaming market? It’s because gamers are better people.

Well, we’re better consumers. VR companies want to sell products to consumers because there’s a lot more people on the planet than there are businesses. But VR headsets – the real ones, not those slide-your-smartphone-inside glorified Viewmaster experiences – are not only expensive, they require a monster rig to run them. Gamers are a market segment that already has those machines.

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