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4 Ways AI is Already Making Designers’ Lives Easier

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Designers of all types and disciplines have a lot of tasks that are mundane and repetitive. As Jamie Myrold of Fast Company points out, AI can shoulder the burden of these tasks and free up the designer to do more of what they excel at – designing. Like so many vocations, designers are faced with learning new skills to equip themselves for emergent technologies like AI, AR/VR and IoT. This is a good thing. Technology isn’t replacing careers, it’s changing them and actually enhancing them by building multi-talented designers.

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Amid plenty of debate over whether AI and other emerging technologies will change design forever, it’s easy to overlook the ways these technologies are already helping creatives work today.

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When the desktop publishing revolution initially took off, I resisted the move from analog to digital design at first, fearing the loss of artistry. For a while, my creative process blended the two. I would do some typesetting, illustrating, and collaging on the desktop and leverage the output to then create a wood block print. Eventually, I begrudgingly stepped away from the familiar comfort of my letterpress–and surprisingly, I loved the change.

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Now, emerging technologies like AI and platforms such as AR, 3D, and screenless experiences are on the rise, and they’ll require designers to adapt again. Gartner researchers, for instance, expect 70% of organizations to experiment with immersive technology by 2022. Goldman Sachs predicts AR hardware and software sales will climb to $58.2 billion in 2025 from $2.4 billion in 2018.

The shift can feel intimidating, daunting, and scary to designers. While many creatives don’t seem worried about the effects of emerging tech on their jobs, they do express concerns about expanding their skill sets for continued career growth. The Creative Group’s Creative Workplace survey of more than 1,000 creatives found that 45% of respondents anticipate emerging technology like AI will create more demand for their skills in the next three years, but 88% worry about keeping their skills up-to-date as they advance in their careers. Juggling multiple deadlines and stakeholders with less time at their disposal, today’s designers have little bandwidth to dedicate to exploring new mediums. I often find designers resorting to new mediums only when new projects require that they understand these emerging technologies.

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