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Published on March 11th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Enterprise Augmented Reality Use Cases

Emergent Enterprise:

Augmented reality usage is increasing in the enterprise. And, it’s going to become even more widespread. As Charlie Fink reports at Forbes, the technology is spawning a multitude of use cases usually centered around, “assembly, warehousing, repair and maintenance, and remote experts.” Now that companies are matching up their needs and goals to the capabilities of AR the good outcomes are appearing. It doesn’t hurt that the hardware and software are becoming more powerful, more affordable and, most of all, more user friendly.

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We continue to chronicle the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology by a wide range of enterprises which are increasing productivity, accuracy, and worker satisfaction. On the consumer side, AR is seeping into apps we use every day. Google Maps’ AR update, for example, is a huge and visible improvement that uses AI, computer vision and geolocation to anchor devices within inches of their physical location. AR is now frequently showing up in advertising as well.

Not surprisingly, the companies serving the enterprise market are growing in number and size, including public companies like Microsoft and PTC, the large consultancies like Deloitte, Accenture, and McKinsey, and startups with their own AR development and delivery platforms like REFLEKT, Ubimax, Scope AR, Atheer, and Upskill. They work as both consultants and vendors, guiding clients in implementation and leaving them with proprietary tools (a source of recurring revenue) so they can update their AR apps themselves without having to do coding.

“Use case adoption and customer business goals have shown that industrial enterprises are starting Augmented Reality projects internally, often piloting one or two use cases within their operations or service functions to prove value before expanding AR initiatives. Companies universally recognize the importance and benefits of adopting ARfor their internal use. In today’s business climate of razor-thin operating margins and mounting economic pressures, the race for efficiency is starting to receive a nitrous boost from AR,” said Mike Campbell, EVP for Augmented Reality at PTC in a 2018 company White Paper.

According to ARtillery Research, by 2022 the global market for enterprise AR applications is estimated at more than $14.2 billion dollars. “We all agree that AR has the makings to boost enterprise productivity. The question is when. Typical organizational inertia slows things down, but momentum will build to a tipping point around 2020, which will be followed by accelerated adoption. We saw the same thing with enterprise smartphone adoption,” said Mike Boland, Chief Analyst, ARtillry Intelligence. “Every single company in this space says the same thing: the sweet spot for enterprise AR is assembly, warehousing, repair and maintenance, and remote experts.”

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