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Published on March 14th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Facebook Reality Labs Working On Lifelike Avatars

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Oculus/Facebook isn’t the only company working on lifelike avatars so it is safe to assume we will be interacting with them on a regular basis in the not too distant future. Peter Graham at VRfocus takes a look at the latest Oculus blog post and recent developments at Facebook Reality Labs. These avatars will be fueled with artificial intelligence so they can have a conversation with you and anticipate your needs and provide guidance, suggestions and digital wisdom. Are you ready for the avatars?

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Every year during Oculus Connect, Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash holds a session to discuss his thoughts about virtual reality (VR), it’s future and how the industry might get there – these are in-depth but worth a watch. All of the company’s R&D used to be under Oculus Research until last year when it was renamed Facebook Research Labs. Every so often there a little sneak peeks at what the labs are working on but now they’re going to be even more transparent, thanks to a new blog series.

Facebook Reality Labs

Abrash made the announcement via the Oculus Blog today, revealing that it’ll be a year-long series of posts delving inside the various Facebook Reality Labs, highlighting a different team and what they’re working on for the future.

“I expect these blog posts to be markers on the journey to the AR/VR future,” notes Abrash. “Over the coming months, you’ll see deep dives into optics and displays, computer vision, audio, graphics, haptic interaction, brain/computer interface, and eye/hand/face/body tracking.”

Hopefully revealing all sorts of interesting developments and breakthroughs the teams are making, the first blog post focuses on lifelike avatars and the connections people make inside a digital world. The project is called Codec Avatars which is run by Yaser Sheikh, the Director of Research at Facebook Reality Labs in Pittsburgh.

Seeking to overcome the challenges of distance between people, the project uses a combination of 3D capture technology and AI systems to build realistic avatars of users quickly and simply, a stepping stone towards digital online interaction that’s as normal as the real world.

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