Architects, builders, and engineers have always had to tape off rooms on a floor for clients to walk through so they can imagine the finished result. Pounding stakes into the ground and tying a small rope between them is another age-old trick for visualizing a room. But with Apple’s iOS 12 ARKit and Trace, you can now teleport into your sketch through your iPad and use AR to walk around a scaled plan. And — importantly — you can bring others with you.

“People have been pacing out plans as long as they’ve been drawing them. The palpable sense of scale, dimension, and extent simply can’t be communicated with stills, or even animation,” said Morpholio cofounder Mark Collins in a statement. “The AR experience gives you a real sense of how your space will feel and lets you decide if it works for you.”

You can do things like take a family through their new home design, let your team browse a space your firm just designed, or stroll through a proposed plaza in a new project.

“Design is one part idea and two parts convincing others that your idea is the right one. By gathering around an iPad Pro to either sketch or experience AR SketchWalk, you put your client next to you and take them on a ride that is incredibly empowering. Being able to gather around and even jump into our drawings in new ways is making design conversations far more engaging and productive,” said cofounder Anna Kenoff in a statement.

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