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Published on March 27th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The Future of Entertainment Using Augmented Reality Apps

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It’s only a matter of time before there are more popular uses of AR aligned with films, games, brands and print. This post from John Loeffler at interestingengineering.com shares a quick overview of the current state of augmented reality and a few AR scenarios in entertainment. Consumers will be on board when the content is easily accessible, adds value or fun to the experience and when, in most cases, it is… entertaining.

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For the past few years, augmented reality apps for entertainment purposes have been making their way into app marketplaces around the world in growing numbers as more and more hardware manufacturers release new augmented reality devices to heighten our everyday experiences. How will all of these affect our entertainment experiences in the future though?

Growth in Augmented Reality Apps and Hardware

Augmented reality apps and hardware have received a lot of investment as of late and this trend will only continue to grow in the future. Because augmented reality is more accessible than virtual reality systems—you only need a smartphone to enjoy augmented reality apps while virtual reality immersion requires sophisticated headsets in order to achieve the desired effect—they are easier to bring to market quickly.

This has led to a lot of hype around augmented reality initially—more hype than the technology could then actually deliver on—so for a time, talk about augmented reality quieted while businesses and developers did the actual work of laying the technological groundwork for the expansion of augmented reality apps and hardware to truly shine.

“Having survived the initial hype, AR has now entered a practical phase where organizations and consumers are finding valuable use cases and effective approaches. In this phase, it’s natural that adoption is moving slowly but also deliberately,” said John Buzzel, president of YOU ARE HERE, a company built around constructing augmented reality experiences for brands.

It is estimated that by 2026, augmented reality will be an $80-162 billion market. With this much potential, there will be a lot of companies looking to get a piece of it, so much of what we experience today for entertainment will likely see an augmented reality upgrade in the next decade.

Some of the biggest names in augmented reality hardware today are Microsoft, with their substantial investment in their Hololens headset, and Magic Leap, who burst onto the scene with some of the most dramatic demonstrations of the possibilities for augmented reality technology several years ago.

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