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Published on March 20th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Unity’s AR Foundation Enables Developers to Publish AR Apps on Both iOS and Android

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Emergent technologies are growing so fast there are little or no agreed upon standards or guidelines for things like development, UX, and security. This report from Dean Takahashi at venturebeat.com is a step in the right direction as Unity has created a pathway to publish for both ARKit and ARCore. Hopefully, we’ll see other big names in tech willing to knock down silos to make incredible technologies like AR more accessible.

Original Article:

Above: AR Foundation snapshot (Image Credit: Dean Takahashi)

Unity Technologies has announced that its AR Foundation update for the Unity Editor tool will enable game developers to quickly create AR software that can run on both Android and iOS devices.

Lots of developers are working on augmented reality apps and games, but they have to modify their work to take advantage of the unique platform features of iOS and Android. That turns out to be a considerable amount of effort, as those platforms have been diverging, said Dan Miller, XR evangelist at Unity, in an interview with GamesBeat.

“It’s an abstraction layer on top of [Google’s ARCore] and [Apple’s ARKit],” Miller said. “Developers can build an app once and run on both platforms.”

AR Foundation will eliminate some hurdles in development and bring AR projects to a wider audience at a reduced cost, Miller said. According to Unity, AR is available on as many as a billion smartphones.

Publishing AR apps on mobile devices has the potential for massive scale, since there are so many AR-capable smartphones in the world. And AR could be used for a lot of the day, as it enhances what a user is seeing. Eventually, AR revenue is expected to surpass virtual reality revenue, because of its reach to so many more devices.

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