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Published on April 22nd, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


How to Find the Right Headset for Your Enterprise VR Project

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that choosing technology for your company is less about the hardware and more about your unique requirements. Simon Kuntz of VentureBeat gives a quick overview of the different considerations you need to make before choosing a VR headset for your enterprise. You need to look at contextual requirements, UX priorities, IT concerns and other stakeholder needs. If you want to increase your potential for success, don’t just grab something off the shelf. Think about the ACT Connection© – Audience, Context and Technology.

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You’re launching your first VR project. When you work at the enterprise level of a company, you’ve got a major, sometimes nerve-wracking decision ahead of you: Which of the VR headsets do we (safely) buy?

There are a lot of VR headsets out there with a fairly broad range of price points and features. Nearly every major hardware or software company is rushing to market with its latest (or first) offering. With this proliferation, there’s got to be The One that’s perfect for your company, right?

Yes and no. For enterprise applications of VR, the answer isn’t in the physical attributes of the headset (color, comfort, weight, etc.). It’s not even in the price, surprisingly, but rather how well the technology will work in your environment. The difference in price from device to device is a fraction of your investment compared to the price you will pay if the device won’t assimilate to your ecosystem.

VR is a new technology, not just a new training device. Your IT department will certainly look at it that way, with all the security and integrity requirements of any new hardware or software installed at your company. Moreover, the rapid pace of change in this corner of the tech world means the devices are changing overnight. You need a solution that won’t be obsolete and force you to update or replace every year. Still, there is a useful way to narrow down potential headsets and find one that works well for your needs.

My team works with a wide range of projects at enterprise companies and has learned, after tremendous exploration, the hardware parameters that vary most for various applications. It’s easy to get distracted by the new, shiny thrill of VR. Moreover, it’s easy to confuse what is right for home use with what is right for business use. There is a distinct difference. The best device for watching movies and playing games with your family is not the same device you’ll use to deliver training and performance support to employees behind a firewall. Buying one device at the local store then unwrapping it to play games is nothing compared to deploying hundreds or thousands of devices across multiple locations, keeping them in synch, safe, and supported.

The one-off

Not every VR activation is a company-wide implementation. Sometimes you just need a headset or two for a tradeshow floor, or for a specific activity or experience at a training conference or other event.

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