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Published on April 23rd, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Qatar Airways Teams Up with Rolls Royce to Bring VR Training for Engineers

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Nobody likes to make mistakes. Especially when it might damage a multi-million dollar aircraft engine. Shashank Dave at TechPrior.com shares a case study on VR training for Qatar Airways engineers that allows them to make errors without risk during training on the engines. Oh, and the airline saves time and money, too. Lots of wins here.

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With the aid of VR technology, the engineers will be tasked to repair Rolls Royce’s flagship engine, The Trent XWB

Photo: Rolls Royce

Training is a crucial part of any technical education, however, it is also the lengthiest. There is a considerable time delay that happens during the training time because most of the time, the workers will be handling highly sensitive parts and mistakes are very costly!

Qatar Airways has teamed up with Rolls Royce to provide Virtual Reality aircraft training for their engineers. With this technology, the engineers will be tasked to repair Rolls Royce’s flagship engine, The Trent XWB.

Rolls Royce is a company which has become the synonym for luxury in wheels. However, keen followers will also know that that they are one among the most reputable aircraft engine manufactures in the world.

The engineers will be trained using virtual reality experience, so that they have the freedom to make an error, empowering them to learn without the fear of damaging equipment worth millions. The VR experience is facilitated by HTC Vive.

Before deciding on implementing such a training ecosystem, the engineers would learn about the engine, its repairs, and maintenance using a real engine that had been taken for service, or one that’s been flown to Doha for this purpose. However, this is a costly affair and restricts the students time on familiarizing themselves with the engine.

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