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Published on May 21st, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Google Glass Gets a Surprise Upgrade and New Frames

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Maybe someday there will be an article about Google Glass that doesn’t mention how it started out poorly. But, this report from Scott Stein at cnet.com shows how Glass is gaining momentum in the enterprise space and as it should be. With scenarios like remote assistance and on-demand contextual resources AR in the workplace is here to stay.

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The Enterprise Edition 2 has a Qualcomm speed boost, USB-C, and they can be worn as glasses.

It’s 2019, and guess what? Google just unveiled its newest version of Glass. It’s not made to be a widespread consumer product, but there are business users who will care. And the latest Glass Enterprise Edition 2, with key upgraded specs, shows where most smartglasses are at.

You might remember Glass as a strange 2013 footnote, but Glass has stuck around: it became an enterprise-targeted device in 2017, and has been used in a variety of other assistive ways.

Plenty of other AR headsets have been moving into the enterprise space over the last couple of years too, from Microsoft HoloLens 2 to Vuzix’ glasses.

While the single-display design of Glass isn’t going to allow 3D augmented reality like what you’d experience on HoloLens 2, there could be applications for other types of useful augmented reality via the improved built-in camera and upgraded onboard processor. Google’s announcement touts the new onboard Qualcomm XR1 chip as enabling “support for computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities.”

Maybe Google’s recent focus on AR as a utility could, perhaps, carry over to the newest version of Glass in some ways. 

Google representatives refused to comment on whether that means the new Glass could possibly adopt some Google Lens-like features, and Google’s VP of VR and AR, Clay Bavor, said in a statement that “Using technologies like computer vision and AR, our team’s focus has been on building helpful experiences that provide useful information in context. Glass Enterprise Edition 2 does just that, and we’re excited to give businesses and their employees tools to help them work better, smarter and faster.”

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