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Published on May 22nd, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The “Things” in the Internet of Things (IoT)

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“Things” is a somewhat general descriptor but it may be completely appropriate in the term Internet of Things. Michael Wedd at iotforall.com explains how almost anything can be a “thing” in IoT. Any device, machine, even living thing can connect to the internet and produce and exchange data. There are hurdles with processing power, internet access, and scalability to name a few but IoT is increasingly making every “thing” plugged in all the time.

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The “things” that make up the emerging “Internet of Things” range from tractors to thermostats to shipping containers. The internet changed the world when we brought computers online and then again with the dawn of smartphones. Imagine what’s possible when the other 99 percent of objects that pervade our everyday life are connected?

You may be familiar with how the internet works. And you’ve probably heard of how the “Internet of Things,” or “IoT,” is igniting the next industrial revolution. But you may be wondering, what do “things” represent in the Internet of Things? What makes these “things” different from, say, a computer or a smartphone that connects to the internet?

What Do The “Things” Represent in The Internet of Things?

Here’s your answer: the “things” in the Internet of Things can be anything from farming equipment (a tractor, an irrigation system, a drone) to the thermostat on your wall, to your “connected car,” to a freight container with a connected temperature sensor within it that sends data to a logistics coordinator.

The Value of Connected “Things” in Healthcare, Logistics and Agriculture

IoT for Healthcare: Our Bodies as “Things” connected to the Internet

“Things” in IoT can also be “wearables” that serve medical purposes. Devices that monitor your bodily functions and systems daily and make that data available to your doctors can function as an early warning system for health issues and a way for you to keep yourself accountable to your health goals.

IoT Architecture Diagram of a Wearable
Image Credit: Sensors Magazine

As Lalit Panda writes in What Is the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)?, “With streaming information, preventive care can reduce hospitalization and reduce the cost of acute care significantly.” However, both Panda and Kristina Podnar, in her article, warn of the serious risk of accidents and abuse that come with connecting our bodies to the internet. In the case of healthcare, a “thing” in the Internet of Things would be our very bodies.

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