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Employee Training Using Virtual Reality

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As VR becomes more accessible and affordable, business use cases are more prevalent. Lorne Fade Monday at the VR Vision Blog shares how companies are leveraging VR for training purposes in a variety of ways. Training could very well be the sweet spot for enterprise VR usage as companies look to reduce training costs by developing simulated environments.

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To the layperson, virtual reality (VR) might seem like a new form of technology, but in the professional world, it’s actually been around for decades. In fact, organizations, including government entities and public agencies, have been using virtual reality as a component of training for years. For example, the military uses VR to simulate experiences that they might have overseas and effectively teach them how to protect themselves and others in harrowing situations. Airlines have also been using technology to simulate flight operations to ensure safe handling for decades.


While virtual reality has been used for quite some time as a training tool, it’s only recently that corporate settings are starting to implement this technology into their training protocols.

The Role of Virtual Reality Training in Complex Office Settings

No matter the industry, difficulties occur, and depending on the field, those difficulties can occur more often than you might think. An employee may have to deal with an irate client, or manager may have to handle complaints about an employee regarding illicit behaviour.

Trying to figure out how to handle these types of harrowing situations can be difficult. If workers don’t know how to properly navigate such issues, not only can the entire environment be disrupted, but serious ramifications can occur. For example, an enraged client that claims they purchased a product from a business that resulted in physical harm could lead to legal matters, which are troublesome for the entire organization.

That’s where virtual reality can come into play. VR technology can be used as an effective training tool to teach managers and employees on how to effectively handle serious problems. Several companies, like Talespin, have developed VR technology that simulates real-life work environments. Employees can use this technology to learn how to effectively handle issues that may arise so that they can demonstrate proper leadership.

Virtual Reality for Customer Service

The type of service a business offers its clients is crucial to their overall success. While traditional training tactics can certainly provide effective training, they can’t compare to the type of hands-on training that virtual reality can offer. VR technology can mimic employee-customer interactions, and teach workers how to properly communicate and effectively handle the needs of their customers.

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