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Published on July 8th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


8 Tech Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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Now that we are halfway through 2019 it makes sense to take the pulse of emergent technologies and their impact on the enterprise. Thomas Michael at readwrite.com spotlights 8 different technologies that are making headway in businesses around the globe. One consistent theme is that the business world is generating more and more successful use cases of tech like 3D printing and AI and AR. That’s what will continue to drive innovation and better affordability and accessibility.

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We are almost halfway through 2019, and several events have occurred within the past few years that will be shaping the tech landscape for the rest of this year and beyond. We have privacy scandals that affected some of the world’s biggest tech companies, and that forced them to make drastic changes to how they operate. Also of note is the well-publicized practical, real-life use cases of artificial intelligence, the final repeal of net neutrality, and the US government signing an order laying out its 5G strategy. While so many other critical events took place in 2018, and the first half of 2019, some events are more pivotal than others. Here are 8 tech trends to watch out for in 2019.

1. Increased Availability and Usage of Self-Driving Vehicles

Another tech trend to watch out for in 2019 is a rise in availability and usage of self-driving vehicles. A sign that shows that autonomous vehicles will be significant shortly is the number of big entrants into the industry: Google entered the sector through Waymo, Apple has its own arm dedicated to self-driving cars, and practically every major automaker has announced plans for autonomous vehicles.

The fact that self-vehicle vehicles will be prominent soon isn’t questionable. Instead, the real surprise to watch out for is how much of a big deal autonomous vehicles will be as early as 2019. General Motors already announced plans to mass-produce self-driving cars by 2019, and the A8 by Audi is already slated for release in Europe. It seems self-driving cars will be a thing sooner than many anticipate!

2. More Blockchain Adoption

When they talk blockchain, many people think cryptocurrency. Blockchain is much bigger than cryptocurrency, however.

Gartner projects that use blockchain will create $3.1 trillion in business value by 2030. Blockchain use has been slowly increasing in recent times. However, watch the movement in these areas.

  • Brazil’s Ministry of Planning has piloted the use of blockchain technology for verifying the legitimacy of personal documents.
  • Also, the Brazilian government has discussed its intention to write new laws on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Walmart has partnered with IBM on a food safety blockchain solution that required all suppliers of leafy green vegetables to upload their data to the blockchain by September 2019.
  • IBM and Maersk formed a joint venture to apply blockchain to digitize supply chains.
  • Facebook launched its own blockchain team.

The verdict is in: 2019 will be a really good year for blockchain adoption.

3. Increased Focus on Privacy

For a long time it has seemed that the cost of being on the cutting edge of technological developments and advances is to pay with our privacy. Not anymore. 2018 has marked a turning point that will kickstart a trend of increased focus on privacy starting in 2019.

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