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Published on July 23rd, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Microsoft Shows Off Language-Translating Hologram Powered By HoloLens 2

Emergent Insight:
What if you could appear anywhere in the world as a hologram and deliver a presentation in a language you don’t even know? Kyle Melnick of VR Scout shares that very technology from Microsoft in a Hololens 2 application. This combination of VR and artificial intelligence has a multitude of enterprise use cases in areas such as training and HR. It saves costs in travel, translation services and more.

Original Article:

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headset was front-and-center at the 2019 Inspire conference as the company showcased their latest advancements in artificial intelligence as well as mixed reality hologram technology. During a keynote held yesterday at the Las Vegas-based event, Microsoft Executive Julia White unveiled an exciting new project that uses a combination of body and voice capture, Azure AI, and HoloLens 2 technology to convert a human presenter into a 3D hologram capable of delivering a presentation in any language.

White begins the keynote by donning a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset and sticking her out her open hand so that it may be seen by the headset, at which point a miniaturized green model of White, or “mini-me” as she refers to it, warps into existence. After demonstrating how the tiny hologram tracks and follows her hand, White states a simple voice command: “Japanese keynote. Render keynote.” This causes the simplistic green model to disintegrate into a cloud of particles, which then realign to form a near photorealistic holographic rendition of White.

Image Credit: Microsoft

This new Hologram then proceeds to deliver the rest of the keynote in Japanese, an especially impressive feat considering White isn’t fluid in the language. The Japenese-speaking hologram even sounds like White thanks to Microsoft’s Neural Text-To-Speech (Neural TTS) technology, which harnesses the power of AI to automatically create personal voice signatures based on simple voice samples.

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