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Published on July 25th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The 3 Biggest Barriers to IoT Implementation (and How to Overcome Them)

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It may not be surprising that the keys to successful technology implementation have little to do with… technology. As Yasir Qureshi reports at iotforall.com the priorities should be a good use case, a good staff and a good strategy. Companies that rush into a new technology often find themselves at a dead end without these key elements. The technology should not drive the goal, the goal should drive the technology.

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Common pitfalls hinder the implementation of IoT initiatives, including failure to establish a clearly-defined business case, lack of appropriate staff to manage the IoT initiative and the inability to connect, gather and understand the data.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is essential in today’s modern, digital business world. According to a recent study, IoT implementation is a top priority for the large majority (98%) of businesses. In fact, 25% of them said it was the most important initiative, even above boosting production capacity, upping revenues or launching new products and services.

However, successfully implementing and integrating IoT into a business is easier said than done. In the Vanson Bourne survey, 90% of respondents admitted that their organization is seeing challenges and barriers.

Below are the top three common pitfalls that hinder successful IoT implementation—and how organizations can take the steps to overcome these barriers effectively:

1. Failure to Establish a Clearly-Defined Business Case

It’s important not to implement an IoT initiative for its own sake. To derive real business value from an IoT initiative, you need to build a identify a compelling case for why an organization needs an IoT program. This helps the organization to discern what the ultimate goal for the program is (e.g., boost efficiency, productivity or profitably) and which data is the most important to look at—otherwise, it’s hard to identify what success with the initiative looks like, to measure progress towards the initiative’s goal and to figure out what is working or what needs to be changed in order to complete that goal.

2. Lack of Appropriate Staff

IoT requires a team comprised of a mix of experts across IT and operations to work together. While each member has a vested interest in leveraging IoT to help the overall business, their various backgrounds (technical, operational, management, etc.) will help to answer key questions regarding the goals and objectives of the IoT deployment, how the team should approach the deployment and what constitutes success. The best teams have an equal mix of those who have deep technical knowledge and those who have an intimate understanding of business processes and the company’s bottom line objectives.

In fact, many organizations are now creating centers of excellence (CoE) to support the progression of their IoT implementations. At its core, a CoE is a central governance structure that provides leadership, best practices, and support for any business initiative. A CoE also allows these disparate technical and operational groups to quickly align on the initiative and openly collaborate, discuss and sort through any roadblocks or challenges along the way. Once the individuals who should be involved with the IoT initiative are determined, it’s wise to set up a CoE right away to make sure the program stays on track and delivers the best results possible.

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