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Published on July 31st, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The Death of the Training Department (Part One)

A series of blog posts encouraging discussion about the future of enterprise training and L&D.

The title may seem like clickbait but it is also probably more accurate than many want to admit.

It’s obvious that the way the world does business is changing in significant ways. And the velocity of business is accelerating at breakneck speed. Those statements may seem somewhat cliche but they are true. You have seen it and felt it. Deadlines are shorter. Job responsibilities are more comprehensive and complex. Company goals are set at lofty heights with requirements of less time, less people and less budget. And, technology is disrupting everything. I am not using the word “everything” lightly. Tech is part of every process, plan, policy, practice and product. 

So, it stands to reason that the way companies execute training is changing dramatically as well, right? How businesses equip and support their people should be undergoing the same transformative shifts. The Training Department (or L&D) is not immune to the change nor can it sit idly by and occasionally dip a toe in the water. It will be left behind as other people and departments in the organization pick up their responsibilities armed with innovative strategies and powerful technologies. And they’ll reach their goals without a list of learning objectives or an elearning module in sight.

I believe it is time to ask “Why?” about everything that traditional L&D departments, training professionals, and solutions providers do and develop. Does it make sense in the context of today’s business and employee expectations? Should we continue using the same approaches, thinking and processes for job requirements, training content delivery, curriculum, assessments, onboarding, performance support, career guidance, compliance and (fill in the blank)? Does L&D continue to think of their audience as “learners”?

This blog series is going to open discussion on all of these subjects and I hope you’ll join me with your perspectives, opinions and comments. There may be a few ruffled feathers and toes stepped on but remember, you won’t feel that when you’re dead.

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Scott McCormick is the CEO of Emergent Enterprise and Editor of emergent-enterprise.com, a tech news website covering AR/VR, AI and IoT. He has a 30+ year history in corporate communications and training as part of three startups and speaks across the country about emergent technologies and their user experience. Find out more here: https://emergent-enterprise.com/about-us/

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