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How Global Leaders Are Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

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Industrial IoT can increase productivity by 500% and be error free? Owen Huang of iotforall.com shares that Airbus is experiencing those extraordinary results and that other global leaders are seeing substantial improvements in many ways due to IIoT. The key is harnessing the applicable data and then developing a strategy for what to do with it so that it changes the bottom line in a positive way. When productivity and quality increase the way it did for Airbus, the ROI is evident and eventually the technology pays for itself.

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IIoT promises to increase operational efficiencies through automation, analytics and connectivity. Leading companies are already using IIoT solutions to revolutionize their businesses.

IIoT promises to increase operational efficiencies through automation, analytics and connectivity. Leading companies are already using IIoT solutions to revolutionize their businesses.

Today, we can see the Internet of Things-based devices all around. It’s an emerging technology that consists of a network connecting our gadgets and allowing them to communicate with each other. Most of us probably own such devices, and some have even turned their homes into smart mini-ecosystems, which are self-sustained and semi self-sovereign.

We often hear of consumer-based IoT, as it’s what we use most. However, the Internet of Things market revenue worldwide is $212 billion, and it consists of something more.

The emerging technology has taken over a number of industries and has even made its way into manufacturing processes. You might have heard of “Industrie 4.0“, also known as the fourth industrial revolution. It promises to combine the worlds of production and network connectivity. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can make that a reality.

IIoT promises to drive operational efficiencies through automation, analytics and connectivity. It’s a network of physical objects imbued with information and communications technologies. With this advanced approach, manufacturers can achieve excellent visibility into production stages and processes, identify any gaps and fix them. It reduces any downtime while improving production quality.

The reality is that many companies don’t get to use the real value from all the data of their connected systems. This report by McKinsey found that 54 percent of them use less than 10 percent of this data.

Here, we’re going to point out some of the world’s commercial giants that are now IIoT leaders and pioneers and how they efficiently apply the innovative approach. These companies have already begun their industrial IoT implementation so that its technology and applications drive their business forward.

Amazon’s Smart Warehousing

Amazon is one of the world’s leading companies. A report shows that during holiday rushes, some of its warehouses ship more than 1 million items a day. They typically ship about 40,000 items on a regular day, which is already a lot itself.

Dealing with enormous warehouses and millions of orders could be extremely hard without the help of technology. It has made Amazon an innovator in warehousing and logistics. It’s currently testing the limits of automation and human-machine collaboration.

You’ve probably heard about the company’s infamous idea to use drones for delivery. However, while this attracted the media’s attention, Amazon’s warehouses are full of Wi-Fi connected Kiva robots. The main idea behind Kiva technology is to have robots locate shelves of products and bring them to workers, instead of wasting employees time to search for products.

The technology has cut operating expenses by 20 percent, according to Amazon’s exec Dave Clark.

Airbus’ Smart Factory

Saying that manufacturing one of the most widely-used commercial jetliners is a complicated process would be an understatement. It involves millions of components assembled in thousands of stages. Furthermore, a single mistake could cost hundreds of lives. Unfortunately, people make mistakes.

On the other hand, the good news is that they can now finally be avoided or, at the very least, substantially reduced. To use that possibility provided by technological advancements, Airbus has launched the Factory of the Future. That’s a manufacturing initiative that streamlines operations and boosts production capacity.

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