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Published on August 7th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The Death of the Training Department (Part Four) : Continuously Connected

A series of blog posts encouraging discussion about the future of enterprise training and L&D.

We are all in a world where we are constantly connected. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet a voice assistant, a smart watch, the information flow pummels us relentlessly. With this type of continuous access, shouldn’t training take advantage of the connectivity?

A little over two years ago, I experienced an abrupt career change and found myself at the trailhead of a path of my own making. After 30 years of providing mostly enterprise training solutions, I chose to follow two of my passions: emergent technologies and user experience (UX). After speaking at many training professional conferences over the years I began to get invited to technology events – conferences focused on innovation such as augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. I found my niche as there was often very few sessions on the UX of these technologies and the interest level was high.

As I began to network with many people at these events, I noticed that very few were from a training or L&D department of their organization. I wondered why training professionals wouldn’t be attending these high profile events with all of the latest tech to see what was available. At the same time, many who were there were charged with equipping and supporting their employees with content, information and resources to help them do their jobs better. Other areas of the enterprise were claiming the responsibilities of the training department and making it their own with the innovative capabilities of emergent technology.

While waiting for a keynote speaker at a tech conference, I struck up a conversation with an attendee from a global oil company. I was immediately intrigued by the job title on his nametag, “Connected Employee Architect.” I asked him about his role and he explained that his team was tasked with providing effective ways to keep employees consistently and seamlessly connected to any job support they needed. He was at the conference to discover and evaluate technology solutions that would help his team achieve that goal and to network with other companies that were successfully meeting similar challenges.

It was refreshing to see a company meeting the demands of performance support without instantly reaching for elearning modules in an LMS or other modes of traditional training. The goal was connected employees who receive specific information on demand at the time of need. And, making channels available that were always available; always “on” and ready to provide assistance. This approach takes a different mindset when it comes to training services and offerings.

This is not to say there is never a time for traditional training. But it is time for the training and L&D department to reimagine how training content is packaged and delivered to meet the growing demands from employees and stakeholders alike. The connection is there right now. The “learners” are waiting to tap in to information. Make the connection!

Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

Scott McCormick is the CEO of Emergent Enterprise and Editor of emergent-enterprise.com, a tech news website covering AR/VR, AI and IoT. He has a 30+ year history in corporate communications and training as part of three startups and speaks across the country about emergent technologies and their user experience. Find out more here: https://emergent-enterprise.com/about-us/

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