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Published on August 1st, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


The Death of the Training Department (Part Two) : The New Mission

A series of blog posts encouraging discussion about the future of enterprise training and L&D.

What is the mission for a training department in an organization? What drives them and gives them a sense of achievement that they are contributing in a substantive way to the company’s goals? In the face of the changing ways people expect to obtain information and the new opportunities technology presents to deliver it, the mission of the training department needs to be rethought.

Sometimes it seems the purveyors of L&D are in the business of filling minds with buckets of content and keeping track of the learner activity. I almost wrote “progress” instead of “activity” but progress may be too optimistic. As technology allows information to be provided to the target users in an on demand and personalized delivery method the traditional approach of filling minds with info is no longer needed. Let’s put away the buckets.

Instead of trying to develop experts that hold all of the necessary knowledge needed to complete their tasks, why not strive to produce agile employees that can deftly access applicable information to complete any task before them? Train for specific skill sets and not specific position requirements.

Is this a training department mission statement?: To walk alongside our employees at all times and empower them with the resources they need to achieve their career goals.

Are you still in the business of filling minds with buckets of info? Is it time to rethink your mission?

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Scott McCormick is the CEO of Emergent Enterprise and Editor of emergent-enterprise.com, a tech news website covering AR/VR, AI and IoT. He has a 30+ year history in corporate communications and training as part of three startups and speaks across the country about emergent technologies and their user experience. Find out more here: https://emergent-enterprise.com/about-us/

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