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Published on August 22nd, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


UCLA Surgical Training Study Shows VR Beats Traditional Training by 130%

Emergent Insight:
VR has proven to be especially successful in training for dangerous and hard to recreate situations. Oil rig technicians, power plant workers, road construction crews are just a few examples of dangerous workplaces. Is it effective to create a virtual environment instead of training in traditional ways? Ben Lang shares an interesting study at roadtovr.com where the results are dramatic. It’s a small sample but the difference in performance cannot be ignored. VR requires the learner to actually do the task and that is powerful in itself.

Original Article:
Image courtesy Osso VR

A randomized study conducted at UCLA to test the difference between VR and traditional surgical training found that medical students trained in VR scored significantly better than traditional methods.

Conducted at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles, a study titled Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Virtual Reality Tool to Teach Surgical Technique for Tibial Shaft Fracture Intramedullary Nailing examines the efficacy of VR surgical training for a specific procedure and set of equipment.

20 participants were randomly assigned into two groups of 10; one group would train with the Osso VR software using a VR headset and motion controllers, while the other group would follow traditional training with surgical technique guides.

Image courtesy Osso VR

After their training, participants conducted the procedure on an artificial training bone and their performance was filmed. A surgeon evaluator then ranked the performance of each participant across five categories of proficiency: Time and Motion, Instrument Handling, Knowledge of Instruments, Flow of Operation and Forward Planning, and Knowledge of Specific Procedure. The ‘blind’ evaluator didn’t know the training method of any of the participants.

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