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Published on September 18th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


AI Common in the Workplace by 2025, says Gartner

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A post from the team at TechHQ sheds light on the growing use of digital assistants in the workplace. Gartner reports that we will be using AI on a consistent, daily basis on the job in just 5 years and in some ways that you might not be expecting. Are you ready to be directed by an AI-fueled digital component to complete a report? Clean a piece of equipment? Business will need to acclimate to an environment where AI is interacting with us at all times – with a human voice from an inanimate object. Who’s your boss, now?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will become “mainstream” enterprise technology by 2025, according to Gartner analysts at its Digital Workplace Summit in London.

As reported by ComputerWorld, AI programs will become commonplace in our offices, as investments in digital transformation continue, and applications of the technology continue to permeate business operations.

In particular, digital voice assistants which have been well-received among consumers could serve as ‘receptionists’ in the office environment, booking meeting rooms, or on-boarding new recruits, for example. 

In fact, Gartner expects 25 percent of digital workers to be using AI voice assistants within the next two years, and reportedly urged businesses to begin developing skills in their deployment, management, and security.

However, Gartner’s expectations for AI in business went beyond smart speakers. According to the publication, Gartner Vice President, Matthew Cain, predicted “robo-bosses” will be commonplace in 2025. 

While this wouldn’t mean we’d be reporting directly to machines, they would comprise tools that support managers in orchestrating operations and overseeing some of the more admin-heavy, repetitive tasks.

“Let’s think about what managers do every day: they set schedules, assign work, do performance reviews, offer career guidance, help you access training, they do approvals, they cascade information and they enforce directives,” Cain said. “We can have AI doing a lot of that.” 

“Your manager won’t be replaced by an algorithm, but your manager will be using a lot of AI constructs to help improve and to make more efficient a lot of the routine work that they do. We think that that is going to be the combination.” 

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