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Published on September 26th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Oculus Quest will Get Hand-tracking, Oculus Link

Emergent Insight:
Companies should take note of the announcements by Oculus (Facebook) regarding the new features for the Quest VR headset. Jeremy Horwitz of VentureBeat reports that amongst many improvements the Quest will have hand tracking early next year. As more businesses use VR for training and other uses, hand tracking capabilities will make it even easier for users to enter a virtual world. Oftentimes users are confused by the controllers or can’t get used to them and hand tracking makes that go away. The Quest continues to be a strong first stepping stone for the enterprise to adopt VR.

Original Article:
Photo: Facebook

Just before the annual VR/AR conference Oculus Connect 6, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a teaser video hinting at a software-based hand and finger recognition system. Today, the company revealed that the feature will indeed come to Oculus Quest in a software update next year, following another major development: Oculus Link, a hardware/software solution that will enable the Quest to display Rift games from a PC.

Hand-tracking uses sophisticated AI to help a computer (such as a VR or AR system) recognize the shapes of hands and individual fingers, interpreting gestures as input commands. A wave of the hand left or right may switch pages; pointing at an object might select it; grasping the object could allow you to manipulate it in 3D space. Microsoft’s HoloLens has used a similar system for input since its release, rather than requiring hand-held controllers.

Above: Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg talks about Oculus Link.

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