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Published on October 14th, 2019 | by Emergent Enterprise


Project FARM: AI Will Help to Ensure You Can Still Get Your Coffee Fix

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It will be essential to use artificial intelligence to help grow crops for an increasingly hungry and thirsty world. Ryan Daws reports at Artificial Intelligence News how coffee growers are being assisted by AI solutions that provide data to optimize growing. Like all growers, both big and small, there are mounting pressures and challenges on coffee farmers around the world from climate change and increasing demand. AI can maximize the process from planting to distribution by providing a bumper crop of helpful data that guides decisions.

Original Article:

Coffee farmers will receive some welcome assistance from AI on managing their crops amid tough conditions and growing demand.

European researchers from Capgemini have developed a platform called Project FARM (Financial and Agricultural Recommendation Models) which aims to boost farmers’ yield, optimise the value chain, and bolster the global food supply.

Project FARM is first going to be used in Kenya to assist coffee farmers. The platform was built in collaboration with East Africa-based social enterprise firm Agrics which provides local farmers with agricultural products and services on credit.

Julian van Velzen, a data analyst at Capgemini who leads Project FARM, said:

“By connecting farming communities with data science, and big data with traditional farming methods, the FARM platform is built to optimise the value chain and bring parties together as an ecosystem around one data-driven platform.

The platform can pave the way for bringing automated farming to small-scale farmers. With the increasing availability of open data and decreasing prices of sensors and satellite imagery, the future of farming is bright.”

AI is used to analyse farm data sourced from Agrics in addition to satellite data from Project Sobloo, a Copernicus Data and Information Access Service (DIAS). 

A dashboard provides insights to the farmer with tailor-made advice on how to optimise production. This advice can also be sent via SMS so, for example, an alert can be issued to take precautions if a crop-damaging thunderstorm is due the next day.

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