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Published on January 6th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


CES 2020: 6 Things That Will Dominate This Year’s Show

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Even though CES has more of a public consumer focus than an enterprise focus it is still interesting to see what new innovation is being unveiled at this mega event. Jason Hiner at CNET shares his insights about what will be the highlights of CES 2020 covering a wide range of new technologies. Of the six shared by Hiner, perhaps 5G networks has the most promise for the enterprise. When data can be delivered to devices at essentially realtime speed, it will be a game changer. Keep an eye on CES to see what is going to blow your mind in the year ahead.

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Photo Source: Jason Hiner/CNET.

From new devices to health boosts to cord cutting to securing your privacy, tech has new stuff to convince you it can make your life better.

CES 2020 will do what CES always does best — preview future products and reveal the trends that will shape the year ahead in tech. Of course, some of the products that make headlines at CES are sneak peeks at real products, while others are more like concept cars that may never come to market. We expect to see plenty of new concepts, prototypes and experimental flights of fancy at CES 2020 — including ideas about what your future phones and computers could look like.

But CES also gives us a bigger picture of how the tectonic plates are moving in the tech industry, and the new ways technology is going to improve, encroach on and transform our lives. Over the past month, the CNET team has been diving deep on a lot of the stuff that’s coming at CES 2020, so we’ve got a good sense of trends that will dominate this year’s show. 

Here are the big six.

1. Services

The tech industry doubled-down on services in 2019. While Apple and Disney led the charge with services that grabbed a lot of the headlines, there was a broader expansion of services across the industry and a lot of new mojo in startups focused around services. 

There are now services that will deliver food from restaurantssend you meal kits you can cook yourselfship you new clothes to tryhelp you meditatefind you a rideprotect your security and privacy online and a lot more. Because services and subscriptions are a much more sustainable business model than physical products, look for them to pop up in almost every category in tech and in new ones we never knew we needed — and probably don’t. And yes, this will make subscription fatigue a bigger issue than ever for consumers.

2. Ambient computing

This is a very jargon-y name for the idea that technology is blending into our lives in more subtle ways. Think of it like this. Two decades ago, the way we dealt with technology and the online world was by sitting down at a mouse, keyboard and monitor. A decade ago, the smartphone put most of it in our pockets. Now, it’s moving beyond our computers and phones. 

This is where voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant come in. It’s also where new air gestures like the ones with the new Google’s Nest Hub Max show up. And it’s also where technology like UltraSense — which could make a splash at CES — could turn all kinds of traditional surfaces into touchscreens. Ultimately, our homes, cars and offices will become smart in new ways, so that we’re not glued to our devices so much. And wearable technology such as smartwatches and connected clothing will certainly have their say in this trend.

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