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Published on January 2nd, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Workforce Training Tops Use Cases for AR and VR Applications

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Immersive experiences are providing memorable training. This summary of a recent study by Gergana Mileva at AR Post shows that more and more companies are adopting AR & VR for workplace objectives. And, not surprisingly, training is at the top of the list. The need for providing on-demand information at the time of need is becoming essential for the high velocity pace of business today. AR & VR solutions can do that when designed smartly with a good user experience. Watch for these adoption numbers to increase year after year.

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When we hear of AR and VR, gaming often first comes to mind. Most associate these immersive technologies with gaming technology. However, augmented and virtual reality applications have long been explored for use in various industries. They have applications in the field of medicinemilitary, and aeronautics.

In recent years, enterprises have used AR and VR to enhance their business processes. A recent survey on XR Enterprise Trends clearly shows the demand for AR and VR. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) surveyed 577 organizations. Of these, 77% indicated that they are currently engaged in AR and/or VR initiatives.

Corporate Functions That Use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications

AR and VR have several use cases in the corporate setting. These include:

  • Training and teaching;
  • Design and visualization;
  • Repair and maintenance;
  • Virtual meetings;
  • Customer engagement;
  • Sales.

In the survey, CTA had 324 respondents from companies engaged in AR initiatives. Meanwhile, they also had 333 respondents from companies engaged in VR initiatives. The results of the survey show that:

  • 45% of companies are currently using AR to increase customer engagement, while 34% plan to use it within the next year;
  • More than eight in 10 companies use or plan to use XR technologies for training and design functions;
  • 48% of companies are already using VR applications in virtual meetings, while 28% plan to use the technology within the next year;
  • 55% are currently using AR in training and/or teaching, while 27% plan to use it within the next year;
  • 51% are currently using VR in training and/or teaching, while 31% plan to use it within the next year.

Top Use Case for AR/VR Is Workforce Training

The CTA survey shows workforce training as the top use case for both AR and VR. More than 50% of the organizations indicated their current use of both technologies.

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