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Published on February 10th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Moovit Adds AR Navigation to its Urban Transport App

Emergent Insight:
It’s a common scenario to visit a city and be completely confused on how to get to a destination EVEN when using a navigation app. Paul Sawers reports at VentureBeat about the new app from Moovit that not only provides AR instructions but also points out key highlights like subway stops to get you on your way with confidence. The app is a direct competitor to the Google Maps AR function and it will be interesting to see who better answers the UX challenges of AR wayfinding. For instance, it is dangerous to walk down a crowded city street while staring at your phone screen. You don’t want to send your users into the path of a taxi! There will need to be a good balance of providing helpful information and keeping users contextually aware.

Original Article:
Above: NYC: Moovit’s new AR-powered “way finder” feature

Navigation and transit app provider Moovit is introducing new augmented reality (AR) smarts to its mobile app, making it easier for users to find stops and stations visually.

While part of Moovit’s business entails licensing its back-end platform to third parties, the company — which claims around 500 million users globally — is best known for its consumer-facing app that combines transport options to show people the easiest way to get around a city.

The concept of AR-powered navigation is not entirely new. Last year, the mighty Google launched Google Maps AR navigation, which serves as a “heads-up mode” and provides visual directions through users’ phone cameras.

In a similar vein, Moovit’s new Way Finder feature helps guide users visually through their device’s camera, but it has been specifically designed with public transport in mind.

AR for transport

The general problem Moovit is looking to solve is this: A vacationer who is using Moovit to get to a major tourist attraction may get off their bus and have to walk 50 yards to the subway station. But looking at a map may not clarify which side of the road the station entrance is on or even what direction they’re supposed to head.

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