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Published on February 13th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Solos Launches AirGo – Smartglasses Infused with Wellbeing and Fashion

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We usually look to the big brands for the release of new technology but it is also exciting to see startups with potentially viable products as well. Sam Draper gives one example at wearable-technologies.com of the Solos smart glasses that provide an impressive list of features. It will be interesting to see if their kickstarter effort reaches its goal. All developers of smart glasses and AR products have the same challenges. The biggest one may be getting users to accept wearing the glasses on a regular basis. Users, including companies looking to adopt AR, want comfort, style and useful information all at the same time. And they want the product to be affordable, too. What company will offer all of those and be successful? Let’s see if it is Big Tech or a startup like Solos.

Original Article:
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Solos, a tech start-up spun off from US-based Kopin Corporation, is launching new smartglasses infused with wellbeing tech and fashion. AirGo™ is a smart eyewear with fitness and audio functions, but also a novelty for fashionistas who embrace changing. With a pair of detachable smart temples, it allows you to switch your own frames among different shapes, sizes, colors, materials to express your own fashion style.

Solos’ engineers designed Lego-like temples that allow you to flexibly change different eyewear frames, says a press release.

Solos aims at integrate digital health tracking, audio entertainment and personal assistance into one eyewear with the help of their in-house developed mobile app.

The free mobile app is designed to help Solos smart glasses’ users benefit from an increasing feeling of well-being. You can get guidance and motivation with Solos AirGo to build healthy habits that help you to achieve your targeted fitness goals. Furthermore, Solos AirGo is also your personal audio assistant.

The app has 2 interfaces:

AI Coach

  • Exercise helps track your all-day fitness activity — distance, current pacing, moving time, step count and heart rate, also automatically calculates your current stride, current cadence and left-right balance based on certain factors.
  • Posture Training helps you to maintain in proper posture to keep your head straight during running, reducing the chance of causing neck, shoulders and back pain.
  • Cadence Training helps to train yourself to run at your optimal cadence in order to reduce over-striding and decrease the impact forces on your muscles and bones, minimizing the risk of injury.
Image: Solos

AI Care

  • Posture Monitor helps monitor your posture and remind you to stay with good one and do certain exercises from the level of “Easy” to “Expert”.

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