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Published on March 26th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


HP Teases New VR Headset Designed In Collaboration With Microsoft & Valve

Emergent Insight:
Lots of promises but no details. Kyle Melnick reports at VR Scout about an upcoming VR headset from tech giants HP, Microsoft and Valve. This is definitely in the “tease” stage but it is intriguing to see the players involved. If this headset delivers on the promises, it could go a long way to making VR more mainstream. As much as Emergent Enterprise loves the Oculus Quest, there are still issues of comfort and other variables of UX. Will this “new standard” be even half of what it is touting? Here’s hoping.

Original Article:
Feature Image Credit: HP, Microsoft, Valve Corp.

With all the hype surrounding yesterday’s release of Half-Life: Alyx, many may have missed HP’s announcement regarding a mysterious new VR headset built in partnership with Microsoft and Valve Corporation.

Information is sparse at the moment, though HP is maing some pretty bold claims on its website:

“Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, the next-gen HP VR headset delivers a more immersive, comfortable and compatible experience than the previous generation. It’s the new standard in VR.”

By “previous generation” the company means its HP Reverb. Released in 2019, the Windows Mixed Reality headset was met with mixed reviews due to multiple reports of faulty hardware. Those with working units, however, praised the headsets crystal clear visuals and lightweight design. Personally, I really enjoyed my time with the headset, albeit for a few minor inconsistencies.

Based on the images provided, it appears as though this new headset will feature a design similar to that of the $600 Reverb, including two-forward facing cameras as well as built-in headphones. Whatever the specs are they must be impressive, considering the fact HP is touting this as “the new standard in VR” and a “no-compromise VR headset”.

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