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Published on March 11th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


VR Helps Nashville Tornado Survivors; Learn More About XR Immersive Enterprise 2020

Emergent Insight:
The aftermath of a tornado or other disaster can be devastating for the victims. There can be some emotional relief, if only temporary, provided by virtual reality as reported by Austin Barnes at Startland News. A startup called Healium provides VR experiences for disaster victims that give them some momentary rest from the chaos of their difficult circumstances. Even a little peace can go a long way in the face of adversity.
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Original Article:

Locally built virtual reality tools are helping victims cope after a suspected EF4 tornado devastated part of Nashville early Tuesday morning. 

“We grabbed headsets and we went to the shelters to see if individuals wanted to escape and relax,” Sarah Hill, founder of Healium, explained of the startup’s reaction to the storm that killed more than 20 people. 

In Music City for a conference hosted by the International Virtual Reality Health Association, Hill and a number of her counterparts in the VR space didn’t begin to fully realize the storm’s devastation until daybreak, she noted. 

“The shelter where they were sending people in the aftermath was literally a handful of blocks away from the ballroom where we were discussing these very studies about how VR can impact emotional pain [during times of disaster],” she added, detailing benefits of VR as a drugless solution to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Unscathed, Hill was hunkered down in a hotel stairwell when the storm made its way through the city around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

“Not everyone in our hotel came down. It was mostly people who had either lost homes or belongings in previous tornadoes,” Hill described of the scene, recalling the loss of her home in a similar storm 15 years ago that hit Canton, Missouri. 

“[We’ve done this before] so we knew that it had some benefit, but we had never done it so quickly after an event,” she said of the response by Healium and peer companies including Reno, Nevada-based C.A.R.E Channel.

“These individuals lost their homes just about 12 hours before and had come to the Centennial Sportsplex to have a place to sleep, to have a place to stay while they tried to find temporary housing,” Hill said. “We observed at first to see if — in all this chaos — are they even going is this even going to have value for them or is it just getting in the way?”

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