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Published on April 8th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Apple Eyes Video Service NextVR for Possible $100M Acquisition

Emergent Insight:
When the iPod was introduced there were already many handheld media players on the market. But the iPod was transformative in the world of mobile devices. Will Apple do the same in virtual and augmented reality? Malcolm Owen shares some news at appleinsider.com about a move from Apple to acquire a VR tech, NextVR, that stages virtual events with users of many different types of headsets. It’s still not certain when Apple will introduce their own AR/VR product but when it happens, don’t be surprised if another technology transformation takes place.

Original Article:

Apple is looking to expand its augmented reality and virtual reality teams and patent hoard even more, with a rumored acquisition of California VR firm NextVR on the cards that may be worth $100 million.

The Orange County-based NextVR is a live events VR firm, producing VR video content based on special events including sports and musical performances, including partnerships with the NBA, Wimbledon, and Fox Sports, among others. The content is then viewed by consumers on their own VR headsets at home, with support offered for Oculus, HTC, PlayStation VR, and other headset models.

The firm is apparently in the process of being acquired by Apple, according to 9to5Mac, with the two companies believed to be working on a deal valued at around $100 million. A shell company thought to be controlled by Apple is said to be preparing to hire the majority of the engineers from the firm, and though the acquisition isn’t yet official, employees are apparently being informed that they will probably have to relocate closer to Apple’s offices, potentially within Cupertino.

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