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Published on April 16th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Ford Designers Are Using VR To Inspect Vehicles From Home

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The coronavirus outbreak is resulting in an increase of innovative virtual reality business use cases. That’s the case at Ford Motor Company as they enable engineers to design cars in a collaborative virtual environment through VR headsets as reported by Kyle Melnick at VR Scout. Other advantages can occur as well such as unlimited iterations of design and savings on travel. As the world goes back to business at physical locations, VR solutions will most certainly be a bigger part in the new normal.

Original Article:

Ford Motors switches to remote collaboration amid shelter-in-place orders.

The ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many organizations, both big and small, to rethink the ways in which their teams and employees can continue to communicate and collaborate while under lockdown. With many employees under strict shelter-in-place orders, having an effective remote co-working solution has become absolutely essential for businesses hoping to weather this ongoing storm.

For U.S. automaker Ford Motor Company, collaboration among team members is essential, which is why the company has begun using VR technology to connect its designers inside virtual studios where they can collaborate on automobile designs remotely.

This isn’t the companies first foray into VR technology. The company has been using VR to conduct virtual vehicle inspections for some time. Team members would gather together, usually in the same location, and don HTC Vive headsets to view detailed 3D car models in a variety of lighting scenarios. There they could view their designs in more detail, allowing them to identify flaws and make corrections before moving on to clay models.

Ford team members are still conducting these VR meetings, only instead of standing in the same room, each member is connecting remotely from their own home. This allows designers to continue on with their projects as a team while maintaining safe social distances. In the gif provided by Car and Driver, you can see vice president of design Moray Callum, global design director Todd Willing, global design director, cars and crossover lead Joel Piaskowski, and director of design engineering and technical operations Ian McLaughlin conducting one of these remote VR meetings.

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