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Published on May 5th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Copy and Paste the Real World with Your Phone Using Augmented Reality

Emergent Insight:
What if you could grab any object or person out of real life and paste into a Photoshop document just by holding your phone over your computer screen? That’s the goal of the prototype AR app described in this post by James Vincent at The Verge that was shared online recently. Using both AI and AR a smartphone can take the picture of the object, remove the background and (hopefully) smoothly drop it into another source. No advanced Photoshop skills needed! As features like this become commonplace, users, including businesses big and small, will take advantage for use cases in training, collaboration and more. This type of tech will be a welcome addition to augmented reality.

Original Article:
Cyrial Diagne’s ‘AR Cut & Paste’ demo in action (above). Image composite: The Verge

Apart from burning through VC money and educating the public on how frighteningly large emperor penguins are, what is augmented reality actually good for? Here’s one answer: real-life copy and paste.

As this awesome demo from developer Cyril Diagne demonstrates, AR can be the perfect tool to quickly grab visuals from the real world and paste them into digital documents. Just point your phone at what you want to copy, and drag it over to your desktop. No fiddling around emailing images to yourself or cutting out objects in Photoshop. Forget it: your homework / mood board / dumb meme involving your pet’s stupid face is already done.

This is only a research prototype right now, but judging by replies to Diagne’s video, it looks like a few companies are already working on similar software. You can probably expect to see tools like this on your mobile phone in the near future.

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