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Published on May 7th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Facebook Working On New Oculus Quest With Improved Design & Controls

Emergent Insight:
Every VR headset maker should take note of this announcement. Bobby Carlton reports at VRScout that Facebook is working towards the release of a new Oculus Quest that is lighter, smaller and faster. Oculus Quest is selling out in its current iteration so just imagine how this one will sell. VR product companies need to realize that it is the UX that is holding the tech back from mainstream adoption. The headsets are bulky, the fidelity of the environments is average and you are tethered to a computer in many cases. That type of user experience just won’t cut it. And they are too expensive! Oculus is moving towards dominating the market even further unless another company steps up their game.

Original Article:
Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

Bloomberg is reporting that Facebook is currently working on a new Oculus Quest headset featuring a lighter physical design and faster refresh rates, resulting in a significantly more comfortable in-headset experience.

The new improved VR headset was reportedly scheduled to launch at the end of 2020 (which would fall into peak holiday shopping season), but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the date may be pushed back into 2021.

In recent months, Oculus has had a tough time keeping up with orders for both its 64GB and 128GB Quest headsets as more people than ever seek to join Oculus’ growing VR ecosystem; the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing has only helped prolong these delays.

The current version of the Oculus Quest weighs about 1.25 pounds, which doesn’t seem like much, but after a long game session of Audio Trip, Pistol Whip, or any other physically-intense VR experience, you definitely begin to feel the weight. A lighter, more compact headset design could keep players in the action longer by offering a more comfortable in-headset experience.

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