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Published on May 26th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Facebook’s $1000 Oculus Quest For Business Platform Is Now Available

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One major roadblock for companies in the adoption of VR is certainly price. It’s one thing to spin up a successful pilot but the investment impact looms when it comes time to scale it across multiple locations or users. David Jagneaux has a post at UploadVR about an update for the long-awaited enterprise edition of Oculus Quest. This version of the Quest offers many features like device management while keeping the cost in the same ballpark as a new iPad Pro. Yes, $1,000 is still a good chunk of change but in this era of more remote workers, the investment could be justified. And, if the VR solution saves on travel, the cost advantages begin to become clear. The key for Oculus is for the enterprise features to not only be useful but compatible with a company’s existing IT infrastructure.

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Today Facebook announced that its enterprise-edition Oculus Quest that sells for $1,000 as part of its Oculus for Business platform is now available for all companies to purchase.

Back in January Facebook withdrew its 3DOF headset, the Oculus Go, from the business platform and began offering the Oculus Quest instead as part of a new Oculus for Business initiative. However, that was only in closed beta until now.

When a business purchases a Quest through the Oculus for Business platform for $1,000, they’re not getting a consumer device. Instead, this Quest is specifically designed for their company with enterprise-focused features like a kiosk demo mode and two years of enterprise-quality support via phone, live chat, or email.

Business edition Quests feature a custom operating system that doesn’t access the typical Quest store for downloading games and other consumer-facing content. Instead, businesses get unique features such as multiple device setup, the ability to load the headsets with their own content to launch directly, and even remote access.

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