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Published on June 24th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Facebook Says Goodbye to Oculus Go, Opens up Oculus Quest to New Apps

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When Oculus Quest was released, the team behind Oculus Go must have had a sinking suspicion that their days were numbered. As so they are, as Scott Stein reports at CNET on Facebook’s decision to cancel production of the Oculus Go and focus more attention on the Quest. This seems completely logical as the Quest features and UX are exponentially greater. Of course that means it is more expensive but don’t be surprised if a more affordable Quest is in the pipeline. VR users have high expectations and want the experience to be highly immersive. It will be up to Facebook to launch a VR product that delivers the VR goods at an affordable price.

Original Article:
Photo: Sarah Tew/CNET

If you’ve been shopping for Oculus Quest, Facebook’s popular (and great) VR headset, you may be confused that there’s also a less-expensive (and not as good) Oculus Go model that’s still available, too. Not for long: Facebook announced it’s discontinuing the Go this year, just two years after its 2018 release, and will focus only on the Quest as its one standalone VR device. Facebook has also announced that the tightly curated Oculus Quest is going to open up to new apps and software in 2021, including experimental projects that will be easier to load from outside the Oculus app store.

In a post published today, Facebook said it will “end sales of Oculus Go headsets this year as we double down on improving our offerings for Quest and Rift.” The Go — basically a smartphone-style VR headset in a single sealed package — will stop getting new feature updates, and new apps and app updates will stop appearing in the Oculus Go store after Dec. 18 this year. The hardware will keep getting security updates through 2022, according to Facebook.

Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset has become a clear success story: the headset has cemented itself as a likely do-it-all device that could end up becoming a model for VR headsets going forward

The Oculus Go was always more like a fancier version of pop-on phone goggle-type VR: it lacked hand tracking or full-room motion tracking and could only be used while standing still or sitting. The Go still has its own library of apps, many of which are different than the ones on Quest. Facebook hasn’t ported over all the Go apps to Quest, but the company invited developers to explore making these apps available in other ways, including outside the company’s app store. 

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