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Published on June 1st, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Varjo And MeetinVR’s New Partnership Aims To Create Photorealistic Enterprise Collaboration

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With so many employees now working remotely, companies are trying hard to find engaging and useful collaboration solutions. A couple of weeks ago Emergent Enterprise shared a post about Spatial and today’s article by Peter Graham at VR Focus covers a similar product from MeetinVR and Varjo. Like Spatial, MeetinVR provides custom avatars that can share workspace content and allow for a much deeper level of interaction than the basic Zoom call. Businesses need more robust experiences in order to get tasks done that 2D video collaboration simply cant deliver. The user experience can be challenging for these types of solutions as users struggle on understanding the technology but more will be willing to adopt once the value is seen. It will be up to the developers to create a frictionless launch flow and a consistent UX during usage.

Original Article:
Photo Source: MeetinVR/Varjo

At the moment each week seems to offer new ways for businesses to collaborate through virtual reality (VR) technology. The latest comes from MeetinVR which has just launched its open beta whilst partnering with Varjo, to release a highly realistic version of its software for Varjo’s headsets.

Varjo products

Having been in private beta for three years with select Fortune500 companies, the open beta launch will support companies looking for new ways to connect their workforce – a hot topic at the moment with the likes of Spatial and Oculus for Business arriving.

MeetinVR includes all the useful features you’d expect from a collaboration app, diverse spaces which suit individual company needs, a tablet to access beneficial tools, being able to place 3D objects mid-air and the ability to brainstorm on white boards.

Its collaboration with Varjo takes this a step further as MeetinVR will support the VR-2, VR-2 Pro and XR-1 Developer Edition for mixed reality (MR) meetings. While the implementation has yet to roll out, the companies have introduced a new bundle offer where new Varjo headset owners will receive six months of MeetinVR for free for five users.

“Remote working is now becoming our new normal and the need to be able to virtually collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners around the world is business critical,” said Urho Konttori, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Varjo in a statement. “As enterprises adapt to a new work environment, we’re excited to partner with leading industry players, such as MeetinVR, to help build the future of virtual and mixed reality collaboration.”

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