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Published on July 7th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Facebook Develops Holographic Optics for Lightweight VR Experience

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The user experience (UX) of a virtual reality headset can include user discomfort and pushback due to the sometimes bulky and uncomfortable nature of the technology. It’s essentially wearing a high powered computer on your head. That could change as Bhupendra Vasaikar reports at Techprior about Facebook’s upcoming reveal of VR glasses that are lightweight and, can we say it, comfortable. This device uses holographic optics and near eye tech that could reduce the need for a larger headset. If this sounds futuristic, it is as there is no projected time when glasses like this would be available to the public. There is no doubt that technology like this – and even better – will be in common usage but until then, companies need to take advantage of the existing products that even a few years ago seemed equally as amazing.

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Photo Source: Facebook Research

Facebook has always been at the top of its game when it comes to expanding the horizons of virtual reality. They have attempted and worked towards improving the optical performance, form factor, and comfort of new and innovative VR gadgets.

At the virtual SIGGRAPH conference this year, a team of researchers at Facebook is all set to present a more compact and lightweight optical architecture that promises enhanced performance to its users.

Holographic optics
Source: Facebook Research

Lead researchers Junren Wang and Andrew Maimone have developed near-eye displays as a part of their work titled, “Holographic Optics for Thin and Lightweight Virtual Reality.” These displays boast of polarization-based optical folding and holographic optics. It is expected that this approach could potentially help in developing VR sunglasses in the future.

The best part about this new technique is that it allows the optics to be super thin while using the allocated space in the most efficient manner. Hence, Facebook anticipates comfortable and extremely lightweight form factors using which users can experience extended VR sessions with ease.

Holographic optics 2
Source: Facebook Research

Facebook has also released a video showcasing its proof-of-concept research and design of these holographic optics. As is evident from the video, thin films are used as optics so that the resulting display thickness is less than 9 mm. This entire work is incredibly promising as it is expected to offer better visual performance to users within a large gamut of VR display colors.

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