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Published on July 13th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Report: Apple Starts Preliminary Production on “semitransparent” AR Lenses

Emergent Insight:
It finally seems that there is real movement in the development and production of an Apple augmented reality device. Call it Apple Glass if you want to subscribe to that rumor. This post by Scott Hayden at RoadtoVR appears to submit concrete evidence that the wheels are in motion for initial production. This may mean a product could appear sooner than expected. 2021, perhaps? Make your predictions now if the invincible Apple brand can lift AR experiences into the mainstream.

Original Article:
Photo Above: Based on an image courtesy Apple

According to a report by The Information, Apple is gearing up to enter a new phase in production on its fabled AR headset. Together with Foxconn Technology, the Taiwan-based contract manufacturer behind many of Apple’s mobile devices, the company is said to have entered the trial production on the AR lens portion of the device.

The report, citing a person familiar with the matter, maintains the lenses first passed the prototype stage “two months ago.”

The lenses, which are described as “semitransparent”, are said to be two years away from mass production. The Information’s source further says the AR headset itself would also likely arrive around that supposed 2022 timeframe.

Rumored & unverified ‘Apple Glass’ logo, Image courtesy Jon Prosser, Front Page Tech

Apple has likely been developing an AR headset since at least 2017, although we haven’t had anything rock solid to go on until recently. Late last year, files in the beta of iOS 13.1 were discovered that provided a clear sign that Apple is currently testing a range of stereoscopic AR headsets internally.

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