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Published on October 27th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Holopatient Remote Uses AR Holograms For Hands-On Medical Training

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Recreating human interaction scenarios is a strength of virtual reality. HR companies can present a scenario where the headset user has to terminate an employee or a smart phone retail store associate can experience a confrontational customer. This post by Bobby Carlton at VR Scout describes a VR tool that allows doctors to practice patient encounters like examinations. This allows the user to practice these interactions practically anywhere and multiple times. There’s no risk to a patient and no cheesy or uncomfortable live role plays. The VR experience is certainly no replacement for an actual patient interaction but the practice for the doctor should make them more articulate, compassionate and direct.

Original Article:
Photo courtesy GIGXR

GIGXR launches AR tool designed for medical training.

GIGXR, a company focused on creating powerful instructor-led XR training tools for use by medical training experts, higher education, and the Department of Defense, has announced the launch of two brand new applications that will improve how the medical field approaches hands-on training during COVID-19 and beyond, HoloPatient Remote and GIG Mobile.

HoloPatient Remote is an extension of HoloPatient, a tool used in traditional classroom settings that allows students to examine a realistic AR patient with their instructor via a Microsoft’s HoloLens headset. HoloPatient Remote expands on the existing AR learning experience, allowing students to access AR content at home or on the go. Instead of a HoloLens, however, students view the content through a mobile device or tablet.

Key features of HoloPatient Remote according to GIGXR:

  • Remote and/or socially distanced student groups connect with their instructor, who is wearing a Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset, using their iOS or Android device.
  • High-quality, real-life holographic standardized patients are transported to the student location during the session.
  • Students use the mixed reality features of their iOS or Android device to select a location in their room for the standardized patient to sit, stand, or lie down for examination.
  • Students can independently walk around, examine, and interact with the holographic patient while communicating with their instructor through VOIP.
  • Students can observe a wide variety of patient pathologies, conditions, and states of decline chosen and highlighted by the instructor for the session.
  • Collaborative learning among the group facilitates highly effective learning outcomes.

GIG Mobile is a native Android and iOS app that controls HoloPatient Remote and allows you to interact with GIGXR’s GIG Immersive Learning System, an XR education tool designed to enhance current curriculums and teaching methods by building a more powerful learning environment for both the student and the instructor.

Key features of GIG Mobile according to GIGXR:

  • Instructors can create a session template of content that is replicable and can be assigned to specific student groups.
  • Students can join training sessions remotely for applications such as HoloPatient.
  • Data collection around changes made by users made in a session, such as vital signs and remote labels that are placed in the scene.
  • QR code login that is rapid and seamless, with sessions that are launched by instructors and accessed by students with one click of a button.

“While students are required to stay safe and socially distanced, GIGXR’s HoloPatient is the closest, highest-quality learning experience you can get to training with real patients,” said Dr. Linda Herrmann, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, in an official press release. “GIGXR’s use of volumetric 3D video to capture standardized patients creates pathology experiences that are unimaginably life-like for physically safe and safe-to-fail environments. Enabling students to hear, see and interact with holographic culturally diverse patients, and each other, provides some of the most cutting-edge and effective teaching and training modalities in our field.”

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