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Published on December 8th, 2020 | by Emergent Enterprise


Wacom Unveils VR Pen Built for “the next creative future”

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Perhaps you have seen VR applications like Tilt Brush in use and it is impressive to watch a real artist at work in the platform. The folks at Wacom, veterans of digital creative output, are bringing it to the next level as reported by Scott Hayden at RoadtoVR. The Wacom VR Pen allows designers and artists the feel of a pressure sensitive pen and tablet but in the VR world. This is good news for enterprise applications because it will unleash a wider user base of creative professionals in the VR canvas.

Original Article:

Image courtesy Wacom

Wacom, a leader in stylus pens and tablets for creative professionals, unveiled a new device late last month which was built specifically for creators looking to leverage the power of VR.

Called Wacom VR Pen, the device is a pressure sensitive stylus controller. This, the company says in its developer-focused webpage, allows users to not only draw in VR, but also with the company’s fleet of professional pen tablets for traditional 2D drawing.

Image courtesy Wacom

One of the major obstacles in creating a VR stylus is the lack of force feedback, which makes drawing in open spaces difficult and inherently less precise.

Wacom says however its pressure-sensitive button near the pen’s tip lets users naturally alter stroke thickness depending on the amount of force used when gripping the pen, which it says recreates a “similar experience to drawing with a pen on paper.”

Image courtesy Wacom

Wacom VR Pen also features a few other buttons, including a trigger-style grip, a rotator knob for digital tool selection, and a selector toggle on the knob itself.

There’s still plenty left to learn about Wacom VR Pen, including its standalone tracking solution; it doesn’t rely on standard VR tracking systems such as Valve’s SteamVR base stations or Oculus Insight, the onboard optical tracking solution on Oculus Rift S and Quest/Quest 2. Wacom hasn’t detailed exactly how its tracking system works yet, so we’re hoping to learn more soon.

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